Stacey Smith
Owner and Web Designer

  About Claymill Creative...

I have been working officially as a freelance web designer for the past nine years, but I've been designing for almost fifteen years. My passion for design and marketing began in college while taking a Marketing of Principles class and also being part of the Business Society. Our class had to put on a haunted house and then write a paper describing how we used our marketing fundamentals to market the event. I did extra work on my paper and added graphics to it to make it more appealing. My professor used my paper as an example to the class on effective it was in describing exactly what we did to market the event, listing ideas on what we could improve the next time and added a nice touch with the graphics! From that day forward I knew what I wanted to do for a living and that led me to decide to which course of study I wanted to pursue in college. I first studied Business Administration and then Multimedia Production Technology with a focus in web design.

I have worked as a Regional Internet Coordinator, a role I was promoted to. I began in the retail organization as an Internet Coordinator where I gathered and added information to the website as well as wrote content for a weekly email to customers. I worked as part of the marketing department and helped with many events. I designed signage and promotional pieces for events and contests. These things were not initially handled in-house, but once my supervisor knew I had these skills, we moved them in-house and I handled them. When I was promoted, I took on a regional role and became responsible for overseeing certain aspects of retail websites and email campaigns for ten malls across the country. I worked directly with marketing directors and marketing coordinators. I enjoyed overseeing projects, but did miss the design work. Unfortunately I was downsized from that position. It was then that I decided to work for myself and started my own web design business, Claymill Creative.

As a business owner, I have taken on many roles. I am the person who attends the meetings to learn what a client is looking for, I design the websites and graphics and I follow up with the client throughout the design process. I also still maintain many of the sites that I have created.

I design websites from concept to completion, design to match the company's needs and brand and keep in touch once the site is complete to make updates and suggest changes. I also handle details such as purchasing or transferring domain names and hosting. I am passionate about design, pay attention to detail and am extremely organzied. My clients have included a home builder and remodeler, a tent rental company, a corporate insulation and home builder company, a housing community, doctor's office and more.